Our Discount Programs are designed to match the size of Your Family.
Services We Offer
We provide a range of services that ensure all your items would be squeaky clean and properly maintained for your utmost satisfaction.
Full Service Laundry is available for personal clothing items on a per KILO basis. At METROPOLE, the Laundry equipment is prominently located within the customer's view as our guarantee to customer that WE DO NOT MIX CLOTHES of different people in one washing load.
Because of the properties of leather, specialist skills are required to maintain the product. At METROPOLE, we use only quality materials to ensure that your leather is protected and conditioned accordingly.
Large items like comforters and bed sheets are provided extra care at all METROPOLE Branches with the assistance of Computer-Monitored Front Loader Washers.
METROPOLE is the 1st Company in the Philippines to offer Ultrasonic Sneakers Cleaning Technology - a way of cleaning without the damage from physical rubbing.
Real Dry-Cleaning uses Chemicals to clean and process Fabrics in specially designed machines. It is called "Dry-Cleaning" because the process uses no water.
Bulk uniform laundry services for commercial companies like parlors, hotels, factories, and the like are accepted by Metropole.

LaundREWARD is Metropole’s Customer Program to reward Regular Customers of the Wash-Dry-Fold Service.

Here’s how to claim your rewards:

  • Click the Sign Up button below and fill out the information.
  • Make sure you have a LaundREWARD card or claim one after availing laundry service under Wash-Dry-Fold at your patronized Metropole branch.
  • To earn points, present your LaundREWARD card to the attending Branch personnel every time you avail one of these services:

    • Service Under Wash-Dry-Fold per Kilo.
    • Services under Family Plus.
    • Comforters and Household items individually weighing a maximum of 3 Kilos.

    Points will be recorded based on their equivalent in Kilos.

  • Accumulate enough points.
  • Present your LaundREWARD card to avail your rewards!
Branch Network
We offer our services to different areas here in Metro Manila. Visit a Metropole branch near you!